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How to find urban exploring (urbex) locations

Urban exploring, also known as “urbex,” is the act of exploring abandoned or off-limits man-made structures, such as factories, hospitals, and abandoned homes. It can be a thrilling and interesting hobby, but it’s important to be safe and respectful while doing it. Here are some tips on how to find urban exploring locations:

  1. Research online: There are many online communities, forums, and websites that cater to urban explorers for example urbex.direct. These can be a great resource for finding new locations to explore. Just be sure to follow any rules or guidelines set by the community, and never share sensitive information about a location that could lead to it being vandalized or demolished.
  2. Ask around: Talk to friends or acquaintances who may be interested in urban exploring, or who may know of some interesting locations in your area.
  3. Keep an eye out while you’re out and about: You never know what you might find while you’re out running errands or driving around. Keep an eye out for abandoned buildings or structures that look interesting, and take note of their location for future exploration.
  4. Check out local news articles: Sometimes, local news sources will report on abandoned or off-limits structures that may be of interest to urban explorers. Keep an eye out for these articles and see if any of the locations mentioned are accessible and safe to explore.
  5. Get permission: If you’re interested in exploring a particular location, it’s always a good idea to get permission from the owner before entering. This can help to prevent any legal issues and ensure that the property is safe for exploration.

It’s important to remember that urban exploring can be dangerous, and you should always take safety precautions when exploring any new location. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear, bring a flashlight and a first aid kit, and never enter a structure that looks unsafe or unstable. Always be respectful of the property and the people who live in the area, and never leave any graffiti or damage behind. Happy exploring!

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