10 dicas para exploradores urbanos iniciantes

Introduction to Urban Exploration

Urban exploration, also known as urbex, is a thrilling hobby that entails exploring man-made structures, typically abandoned or hidden parts of the urban environment.

What is Urban Exploration

To better understand what we’re diving into, you may wonder what is urban exploration? It’s about venturing into the off-beaten path and discovering history, beauty, and stories that lie behind the facades of structures we often ignore.

Why People Choose Urban Exploration

But why do people choose urban exploration? Well, it’s the allure of the unknown, the thrill of discovery, and the profound connection with history and urban decay.

Tips for Starting Your Urban Exploration Journey

Are you intrigued? Ready to embark on your own urbex journey? Let’s go through the top 10 tips for beginner urban explorers.

1. Understand Urbex Rules

Before starting, it’s crucial to know and follow the urbex rules. These guidelines help you explore safely and responsibly, and respect the locations and people involved.

2. Locating Urbex Sites

The first step to urban exploration is locating exciting places to explore. Urbex Direct provides a host of resources to help you do that. You can check out locais de exploração urbana individuais ordenados por região or use urban exploration maps with updates to keep up with the latest sites.

Individual Urban Exploration Locations Sorted by Region

Urbex Direct offers an extensive list of urbex sites, carefully sorted by regions, for easy navigation. This way, you can quickly identify exciting places in your locality or plan your next urban exploration trip.

Urban Exploration Maps with Updates

To ensure you don’t miss out on any exciting sites, Urbex Direct offers regularly updated maps. These maps provide you with precise locations and the freshest urbex sites.

3. Trade Urbex Locations with Urbex Direct

One of the exciting features of Urbex Direct is the option to trade urbex locations. You can exchange your unique urbex spots for others, ensuring a constant stream of new places to explore.

4. Always Prioritize Safety

Your safety should always be paramount. Always ensure to bring appropriate safety gear, never explore alone, and never enter dangerous buildings or restricted areas.

5. Bring the Right Equipment

Equipping yourself with the right gear is essential. This includes sturdy footwear, flashlights, gloves, and a fully charged phone for emergencies.

6. Respect the Environment and Heritage

One of the key principles of urbex is “Take only photographs, leave only footprints.” Always respect the location and its heritage. Never take souvenirs or leave litter.

7. Prepare for Potential Challenges

Urbex can be challenging. Be prepared for physical exertion, unexpected obstacles, and always have a backup plan.

8. Learn from Urbex Community

Learning from the experienced explorers in the urbex community can be invaluable. They can offer tips, advice, and share their experiences, helping you avoid mistakes and improve your exploration skills.

9. Document Your Experiences

Urban exploration is about capturing the transient beauty of urban decay. Document your explorations through photographs, videos, or journals.

10. Start Small and Progress Gradually

Start with less challenging sites and gradually progress to more complex locations as you gain confidence and experience. Urbex is about the journey, not the destination.


Urban exploration is an exciting journey, filled with discovery and adventure. These tips should help you get started on the right foot. Remember, always respect the locations you explore, prioritize safety, and above all, enjoy the journey.


  1. What is Urbex Direct? Urbex Direct is a service that provides locations for urban exploration. They offer individual locations, maps, and the ability to swap locations with other explorers.
  2. Is urban exploration legal? This depends on the laws of your region. Always ensure you’re not trespassing or breaking any laws while exploring.
  3. Is urban exploration safe? With proper precautions and equipment, urban exploration can be safe. However, always prioritize your safety and avoid dangerous or unstable structures.
  4. What equipment do I need for urban exploration? Common equipment includes sturdy footwear, a flashlight, gloves, a camera for documenting, and a fully charged phone for emergencies.
  5. Where can I find locations for urban exploration? Urbex Direct offers resources such as individual locations sorted by region, regularly updated maps, and the option to trade locations with other explorers.

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